Hospital corridor with metal doors at the end

St. Luke’s Hospital Courtyard Sliding Doors – Chesterfield, MO

Client: St. Luke’s Hospital
IOS Location: IOS St. Louis
Name of the project: St. Luke’s Hospital Courtyard Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors for St. Luke’s Hospital Courtyard Improve Access

St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri is a faith-based, nonprofit healthcare provider that serves the region of greater St. Louis. They offer a broad range of services for patients of all ages and conditions. 

The hospital features a beautiful courtyard that is easily accessed by patients and hospital workers. Their swinging doors were great for foot traffic, but allowed too much air to enter the halls, impacting the temperature of the main lobby. St. Luke’s hospital called upon the IOS St. Louis team to provide an alternative door solution that would allow people to access the courtyard without letting so much air into the hospital lobby.

IOS St. Louis removed the swinging doors and replaced them with telescoping sliding doors with an automatic, touchless opening. Anyone entering or leaving the courtyard can do so without physical contact. The automatic door’s sensors provide safe passage through the opening and close the doors automatically once the pathway is clear of traffic.

This opening solution limits unwanted airflow and makes passage to and from the courtyard possible without any contact. St. Luke’s Hospital patients and staff can now enjoy the courtyard without letting in too much outside air. Patients who may have had difficulty with the swinging doors can now pass without effort thanks to touchless entry.