New sliding hospital doors for the University of Missouri

University of Missouri Hospital Sliding Doors – Columbia, MO

Client: University of Missouri Hospital
IOS Location: IOS St. Louis
Name of the project: University of Missouri Operating Room Sliding Doors

University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri Gets New OR Doors

The University of Missouri’s Hospital is a state of the art medical facility in Columbia, Missouri. This hospital serves Mid-Missouri as the only burn intensive care unit in the region. Owned and operated by the University of Missouri, the University Hospital features operating rooms where surgeries and other procedures take place.

The University Hospital had a need for automatic sliding doors with a custom aesthetic for their operating rooms. The team at IOS St. Louis designed and implemented a creative solution. They combined surface-applied sliding doors from Horton Automatics and VT Industries wood doors to create custom sliding doors that provide access to Operating Rooms inside the hospital.

For touchless activation, IOS used touchless wave switches from BEA Sensors. These doors provide touchless access for teams of surgeons as they go in and out of the operating room area. It also provides a greater level of privacy than sliding glass doors.

Surgeons, students, and patients in the region benefit from this project as surgical teams are able to quickly move into operating rooms with an advanced level of privacy. Design and installation took place between November 8th and November 12th, 2021.

Sliding wood doors for an operating room
Sliding wood doors for an operating room
Sliding wood doors for an operating room