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Salvation Army Facility – Tampa, FL

Client: Scherer Construction
IOS Location: IOS Tampa
Name of the project: Tampa Salvation Army

Faith-Based Community Organization Achieves Remodel with New Openings

In 2021, design and installation teams from IOS Tampa were tasked with providing openings for a massive remodel of a Tampa Salvation Army facility. New doors, frames, and hardware were needed to match the aesthetic goals of the remodel and provide secure openings for staff and patrons.

The existing facility underwent a full remodel, necessitating brand new hollow metal doors among other openings. Metal door frames and hardware were chosen to match and installed by the expert technicians at IOS Tampa. 

More doors were needed for the interior, some of which were architectural wood doors, designed and chosen in collaboration with the client. Wood door frames and hardware were also selected and installed.

The Salvation Army serves communities in and around Tampa, Florida. They provide disaster services, health services, family counseling, drug addiction assistance, and many more vital community functions. Integrated Openings Solutions worked closely with Scherer Construction to ensure all openings provided for the building remodel met safety standards and surpassed client expectations for aesthetic appeal and functionality.