Woman with a shopping basket at a grocery store

Schnucks Pharmacy Turnstiles – Maryland Heights, MO

Client: Schnucks Grocery Stores
IOS Location: IOS St. Louis
Name of the project: Schnucks Pharmacy Turnstiles

Foot Traffic Turnstiles Help Mitigate Risk without Sacrificing Convenience

Schnucks is a regional chain of grocery stores based in St. Louis, Missouri. Schnucks Dorsett in Maryland Heights, Missouri features a walk-in pharmacy within the same building as their grocery store. 

Foot traffic to and from the pharmacy intersects with foot traffic to and from the grocery store. For risk mitigation and safety reasons, this Schnucks location wanted a solution that would prevent people with full carts from exiting via the pharmacy. Schnucks turned to IOS St. Louis to design and install this solution.

IOS St. Louis installed Alvarado turnstiles to guide foot traffic through entry and exit lanes as people enter and leave the pharmacy. Installation took place within one day on September 15, 2021.

Schnucks pharmacy patrons are now easily able to enter and exit the pharmacy while shopping carts are prevented from exiting via the pharmacy. This helps mitigate risk without hindering access to the pharmacy for customers.