Station 66 firehouse with fire engines and an American flag on a sunny day

Fire Station 66 Metal Doors – Palm Springs, FL

Client: Schiff Construction
IOS Location:
IOS Ft. Lauderdale
Name of the project:
Fire Station 66 Hollow Metal Doors, Frames, and Hardware

Hollow Metal Doors that are Impact Rated Add to Renovation Project

PBC Fire Station 66 is the oldest fire station in its district. This station needed some interior renovations including brand new hollow steel doors.

The fire department serves the community of Palm Springs, Florida from a facility that was last rebuilt in 1999/2000. IOS Ft. Lauderdale provided impact-rated metal doors, frames, and hardware to upgrade the existing fire station.

The IOS team was also responsible for the design and installation of this openings project. These impact-rated doors provide security and reliable access for the firefighters who work there. Fire and EMS staff and all patrons who visit the station use these doors daily.

From design to installation, this project lasted from June to September 2021. These new doors are worthy of the building’s rich history, offering a new level of security and aesthetic consistency.