Aerial drone photo of Brickell on the bay Miami Florida twilight

Wolfson Buildings, Miami Dade College – Miami, FL

Name of the project: Exterior and Interior Doors and Hardware for Miami Dade College
Client: State Contracting
IOS Location: IOS Ft. Lauderdale

Miami Dade College Replaces and Upgrades Doors in their Wolfson Buildings

Miami Dade College is a fully-accredited institution for higher learning that serves Miami and surrounding areas. Its student body is incredibly diverse, with 167 nations and 63 languages represented (about Miami Dade College). The college offers courses in a wide array of subjects and degrees.

In August 2021, the State of Florida contracted IOS Ft. Lauderdale to provide needed replacements for exterior and interior doors in their Wolfson Campus buildings. IOS provided hollow metal doors, prefinished wood doors, and door hardware, including access control hardware. College buildings 3000, 6000, and 9000 were included in the project.

The renovation project was completed by January 2022. These doors will be utilized by students, staff, and visitors alike. Miami Dade College is located in the beautiful downtown Brickell area and features architecture and interior design worthy of this architecturally rich area.