Interior of Thompson gymnasium

Thompson High School Gym – Alabaster, AL

Name of the project: Thompson High School Gym Doors
Client: Amason & Associates
IOS Location: IOS Huntsville

A New High School Gym Demands New Doors for High Traffic

Thompson High School needed a new gymnasium and new gym doors. The school offers secondary education to roughly 2000 students in Alabaster, Alabama. In addition to a full range of high school courses, Thompson High School has a number of sports programs such as volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and football. Like many high schools, Thompson’s gymnasium serves a multitude of purposes beyond games and practice for their sports teams. School assemblies, physical education courses, and special events also take place in the gymnasium.

In May 2021, construction began on a brand new gymnasium for the school. Hollow metal doors, metal frames, wood doors, and hardware were needed to complete the project. Working with building partners Amason & Associates, IOS Huntsville helped by detailing the project, as well as supplying and installing all doors and hardware.

This project will be completed in the Summer of 2022. Upon completion, Thompson High School students will have a brand new gymnasium to enjoy.