Pilates studio room with reformer beds

Club Pilates – Pompano Beach, FL

Name of the project: Interior Doors for Club Pilates
Client: Club Pilates Pompano Beach
IOS Location: IOS Ft. Lauderdale

New Heavy-Use, Interior Doors for Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a global brand that offers therapeutic exercise courses based on established Pilates methods. Their Pompano Beach location needed new indoor openings to be used by patrons and staff on a daily basis. These doors would be installed as a part of a larger renovation project led by Brodson Construction Inc.

IOS Ft. Lauderdale was contracted to supply and install PLAM (plastic laminate) doors to be mounted on interior aluminum frames. The IOS portion of this project began in August 2021 and was complete in November 2021. 

Patrons of Club Pilates in Pompano Beach, Florida now enjoy safe, reliable, lightweight doors within the facility. Club Pilates offers healthy exercise to community members, helping with their overall strength and range of motion. Thanks to custom PLAM doors from IOS, the facility is better suited to serve the community than ever before.