Block 40

The Block 40 Project, Hollywood, FL

Client: Kast Contstruction
IOS Location: IOS Fort Lauderdale
Name of the Project: The Block 40 Project

Construction on the Block 40 Project began April 2020 and is now complete.

Conveniently located in downtown Hollywood, Florida, the Block 40 Project is a reasonably short drive from the downtown districts of greater Miami and greater Fort Lauderdale. This project will house 166 residential units, 103 hotel units, and 9,793 retail & office spaces.

This ambitious building project will need to serve permanent and temporary residents, while managing traffic for a bustling retail space and its customers. Integrated Openings Solutions is working with partners at Adache Group Architects to provide openings solutions throughout the property.

With such a wide range of spaces within the project, a variety of doors, windows, and opening hardware have been employed. A great fit for the project, Integrated Openings Solutions provides openings for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties and codes.

The team at IOS Fort Lauderdale applied their knowledge and experience in hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, pre-hung openings and finish hardware on the project.

Block 40