Ocean Delray

Ocean Delray, Delray Beach, FL

Client: Kast Construction
IOS Location: IOS Fort Lauderdale
Name of the Project: Ocean Delray Oceanfront Condos

Construction on the Ocean Delray Condos began March 2020 and is scheduled to complete in the third quarter of 2021.

An attractive luxury condo located on the oceanfront in Delray Beach, the Ocean Delray will offer idyllic ocean views and premium amenities to its residents. Their highly-serviced Beachfront Experience is the property’s most captivating amenity, but the building itself is something to admire.

Ocean Delray will provide a luxury experience to its residents with a fitness center, pool, pool lounge suite, and beautifully-maintained beachfront. The building will feature architectural doors and hardware supplied and installed by Integrated Openings Solutions.

Our team at IOS Fort Lauderdale have partnered with Randall Stofft Architects to provide openings that match the building’s unique aesthetic and premium luxury standards. To provide a wide range of openings for the project, Integrated Openings Solutions employed hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, pre-hung doors, and finish hardware.

Guests and residents will be able to enjoy a beachfront experience like no other, thanks in part to the premium openings solutions provided by IOS.

Ocean Delray