Prime Capital offices

Prime Capital Executive Board Room, Overland Park, KS

Client: Prime Capital
IOS Location: IOS Kansas City
Name of the Project: Prime Capital Executive Board Room Access Control

Prime Capital is an investment advisory firm with 20 locations across 15 states. They’re able to offer a wide variety of investment and financial services because they’ve built a network of companies that specialize in different services.

Their offices are located on College Boulevard at Lamar Avenue in Overland Park, Kansas. They feature an executive suite of offices including an executive board room for important meetings and presentations. Integrated Openings Solutions was tasked with designing and installing a custom access control solution for the board room.

The access control experts at IOS Kansas City designed and installed a safe, reliable access control system to keep the board room off-limits to anyone not authorized. The solution was installed on existing doors, maintaining aesthetic consistency with nearby door hardware.

Locks feature touchless key fob entry, using programmable keys. As of December 17th, 2020 Prime Capital in Overland Park has new, secure board room access solutions with total control over who enters the room, as well as a trusted vendor partner in Integrated Openings Solutions.

Executive Board Room Door
Close up of door handle