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Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC (IOS) Is Happy to Celebrate National Automatic Door Day

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IOS joins industry leaders to recognize the tremendous impact of automatic door technology and touchless entry

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL March 19th, 2021: Integrated Openings Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of automatic door technologies to its customers and building partners. Along with the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) and other industry leaders, we recognize National Automatic Door Day to celebrate the many ways automatic doors offer incredible value to all kinds of property types, and an unrivaled experience for the end user.

“We’re happy to join the celebration and acknowledge the benefits and contributions of automatic doors. Easy, universal access and touch-free entry make any building a more convenient and welcoming place. The IOS team is proud of our part in making that possible through this remarkable technology.”
-Joe Lopez
CEO, Integrated Openings Solutions

So what’s so awesome about automatic doors?

Universal Access: Larger commercial and institutional buildings need to provide entry points that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities. Automatic doors deliver universal access for individuals with mobility issues and other physical differences.

Touchless Entry: The ability to access a building without making contact with any handles, surfaces, or buttons has had useful application for years. Touch-free access makes loading and unloading easier, and provides a convenient experience for the end user. And in a time where more people than ever are concerned about viral outbreak, touchless entry allows doors to be used without any contact whatsoever.

Businesses and institutions choose automatic doors because they offer an amazing amount of convenience and safety. By eliminating exposure to door-handle surfaces, allowing easy access for differently-abled people, and keeping foot traffic in motion, automatic doors hit the sweet spot for all kinds of building projects.

For exceptional automatic door solutions, including expertise on the latest automatic door technology, look to Integrated Openings Solutions. Our experienced detailers, installers, and technicians can help ensure your building gets automatic doors suited to your particular needs.

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