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Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC (IOS) Announces its Unified Brand Identity

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Moving Forward: IOS Celebrates its Past and Brings Together Legacy Brands Under a Single Brand Identity for the Future

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Naples, FL June 15th, 2021: Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC (IOS) is proud to announce the full unification of its legacy brands into the IOS Family. Over the past few years, IOS has added multiple industry leaders to its operational family of brands. Cardinal Door and Hardware, Duranotic Door, and Automatic Door Systems have enriched IOS service offerings and added a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to their national team.

The history of these legacy brands has become an important part of IOS’s own story and continues to inform how they deliver high-quality, innovative products and solutions to their customers. To further blend and unite these histories and teams, and create a common presence for IOS customers across the country, all locations will operate under the IOS banner.

Together with their legacy brands, IOS is greater than the sum of its parts. More locations, products, services, and capacity translate to better experiences and a wider array of services for their customers nationwide.

“Many of our IOS customers, vendors, and employees have grown with us through the legacy brands and so while we are excited to make this announcement, we are also making sure that we pay respects to the Cardinal Door and Hardware, Duranotic Door, and Automatic Door Systems legacy brands that mean so much to our IOS story.  As we look to the future, we will see the names IOS Ft Lauderdale, IOS Naples, IOS Tampa, IOS Huntsville, IOS St Louis, IOS Springfield and IOS Kansas City come alive. Our goal is to bring even more exciting markets into the IOS story.”
-Joe Lopez
CEO, Integrated Openings Solutions

IOS provides an impressive range of openings capabilities, and thanks to the full integration of their legacy brands, IOS can do more for their customers and reach more markets with their services, all under one name.

About Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC – IOS fabricates, distributes, markets, and sells commercial and architectural metal and wood doors, frames, hardware, automatics, access control, sectional/high-speed roll-up doors, storefront systems, and gate access systems, and performs related services, including turn-key installation and fire/code inspections, for government, warehouse and industrial, hotel and hospitality, multi-family and assisted living, school (K-12 and university), hospital, and retail customers across the United States. IOS is led by a team of experienced industry leaders.