Bradford Apartments in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bradford Apartments – Tulsa, OK

Client: Bradford Apartments
IOS Location: IOS Springfield
Name of the project: Bradford Apartments FEMA Shelters

IOS Helps Complete New FEMA Shelters for Tulsa Apartment Complex

Tulsa, Oklahoma is located within a loosely-defined area known as “Tornado alley”. For residents in this part of the country, emergency plans are a familiar necessity because tornados can strike with limited warning and do tremendous damage.

FEMA shelters provide safe places for families and individuals to shelter in the case of natural emergencies like tornados. There are exact standards that must be met by a structure for it to qualify as a FEMA shelter.

The Bradford Apartments in Tulsa, Oklahoma needed three FEMA shelters to be completed on their campus, and IOS was their choice for providing doors, frames, hardware, and installation for these three shelters.

Working with building partner Hamilton Builders and hardware manufacturer Assa Abloy, IOS Springfield was able to design, source and install the internal and external doors for these structures. Door frames, door hardware, and all installation was handled by the IOS Springfield team, ultimately providing a safe shelter for families who live in the apartment complex.

Construction on the project began in August 2021 and is expected to complete by Q1 of 2022.