Modern Car in the Car Wash

Woodie’s Wash Shack – South St. Petersburg, FL

Client: Raj Mathur Construction & Engineering, Inc.
IOS Location: IOS Tampa
Name of the project: Woodie’s Wash Shack Doors, Frames, Glass, and Hardware

Local Car Wash Chain Builds New, State-of-the-Art Location with Help from IOS

Woodie’s Wash Shack offers a superior car wash experience for customers in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida. Their old-school approach to service combined with the latest car wash tech has brought them success and rapid expansion.

In June 2021, they completed their new South St. Petersburg location with the help of Raj Mathur Construction & Engineering, Inc. The facility required brand new hollow metal doors, architectural wood doors, frames, and hardware. Like many modern car wash facilities, the building would also feature large glass panes throughout the construction. 

The folks at Raj Mathur called upon Integrated Openings Solutions to source and install these openings and windows throughout the building. The team at IOS Tampa was able to meet the demands of a quick project, supplying and installing all aforementioned doors, frames, windows, and hardware. The new construction was completed on time and those who value clean cars have a beautiful new car wash at their disposal.