Exterior shot of Thermofisher building

Thermo Fisher Scientific Manufacturing Facility in Lenexa, KS

Manufacturer of Scientific Instruments and Materials Dramatically Increases Production Capacity with Help from IOS and Building Partners

An Urgent Need

In late May of 2020, Thermo Fisher Scientific was awarded a sizeable contract from the federal government to dramatically increase production of specialized tubes designed to safely transport viral test samples. The need to produce these transport tubes was so urgent because COVID-19 testing would be ramping up nationwide.

Planning got underway immediately for a brand new manufacturing facility in Lenexa, KS that would facilitate this massive production. This $40 million, 120,000 sq-ft facility would be built on an ambitious timeline, needing to be ready for production by July 4th, just over a month after building would begin.

Building Partners Unite to Plan and Build

Purdum Construction has a healthy, ongoing relationship with Integrated Openings Solutions, relying on IOS for it’s larger, more specialized, and urgent projects thanks to a track record of dependability and expertise. Because of the size, scope, and timeline of this project, Purdum partnered with IOS to deliver and install all doors and windows for the new facility.

IOS would need to accommodate 8 ¼” window and door frames within the facility. Sales Specialist Bob Stoddart coordinated with IOS team members to ensure all necessary frames could be ordered or fabricated quickly enough to meet the fast pace of construction.

Thanks to the labor and dedication of IOS fabricators and partners at Daybar Industries, IOS was able to deliver and install all the frames, doors, and windows required to get the job done. IOS team members in the metal shop like Jerry Vega, Perry May, and Brandon Fox worked odd hours, including over the weekend to jump start this project.

An Impressive Build Brings Jobs to a Community and Test Tubes to a Nation in Dire Need

Titled “Project Patriot”, the enormous task of increasing production levels for VTM (Viral Transport Media) to 8 million tubes per week required a brand new facility to be built in just over a month. These tubes are crucial to the United States’ viral testing capacity now and in the future.

Thanks to the immense effort of all building partners involved, Thermo Fisher was able to open the facility on time and begin producing the VTM at an unprecedented rate. Integrated Openings Solutions offered expertise for doors, windows, and frames along with the commitment needed to complete construction quickly.

This was possible because IOS offers a level of service you won’t find with every building partner. According to Bob Stoddart, it’s all about taking ownership of the end result, finding solutions for problems as they arise, and going above and beyond to deliver superior service and products.

COVID-19 has caused countries all over the world to grapple with large-scale logistical challenges in order to increase testing capacity and efficiency. Lenexa, KS is at the center of our nation’s virus response thanks to the operation of this massive new facility. Integrated Openings Solutions is honored to have played a key role in this project and proud of the work they’ve done to make it happen.