Steel Doors & Frames

Hollow metal doors are incredibly secure, cost-effective, variable weight, and suitable for many types of openings. These steel doors can be supplied with a hollow metal frame for a fire-rated assembly. They’re also highly-customizable to meet the specifications and style standards you require.

IOS is a leader in steel doors and frames because we have a large, in-house inventory of door materials. We also have hardware of various sizes and standards. An IOS team member will help you find the right combination of frame and door hardware to accomplish your goals. No one can offer more steel door & frame capabilities than IOS. 

Our expert installers will have your doors in place, inspected, and ready for use in a timely manner. IOS installers are certified to perform safety and fire-rated inspections as well, so they’ll know when the job is done right. They’ll also provide any training required for the proper function and maintenance of your doors and hardware.

Steel doors are an effective opening for buildings of any size. That’s why you see them so frequently. Integrated Openings Solutions will ensure your robust, versatile steel doors meet your needs in their specifications and installation. 

We supply steel doors and frames to restaurants, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and businesses of any size. If you need steel doors, contact IOS about this and our other capabilities so we can put together a package deal to meet your needs, save you time, and contain costs.

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