Access Control / CCTV

Control and monitor your access points with the access control capabilities Integrated Openings Solutions can offer. Our team is dedicated to providing the “IOS” of CCTV to its customers: Information, Oversight, and Security. 

Information: Knowledge is power! You can receive raw data regarding all the building’s access points and doorways, stored and organized for easy retrieval. These details include flow of traffic, denied access attempts, propped-open doors, and more. With this information, you can find new ways to make CCTV access control more efficient and develop stronger security protocols.

Oversight: Advanced access control allows the user to better direct flow of traffic within their building. Secured entryways will provide reports of when the doorways were used and by whom. Our system will also provide control of security protocol and lock dependencies. This way, you can determine security levels for each area and doorway within your building.

Security: With access control, you can know immediately if there are any doors, windows, or gates left open, or unsecure. This instant awareness, combined with the ability to see how long access points have been open or unlocked, can help you keep your building safe now and in the future. 

CCTV and Access Control Experts

Firstly, Integrated Openings Solutions works with customers and building partners to develop a plan. As a result, this plan will best suit the needs of the building in question. Our staff understands how important it is to listen to customers’ needs in order to provide the best possible service. At the same time, they incorporate all other applicable IOS capabilities.

We’ll order materials and manage installation for you, working with building partners to have your building secure and ready. As a result, your security system will be programmed and tested by our experienced  technicians. They’ll make sure that you and your staff are properly-trained to utilize the system to its fullest potential.

Our team has experience designing, installing, and implementing access control systems in an impressive variety of building types: Schools, medical facilities, small businesses, corporate buildings, manufacturing facilities, lodging, and churches (just to name a few). Therefore, this experience, along with direct communication with our vendors, makes us your idea partner for access control in your building.


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