Bark Yard in Springfield, MO

Bark Yard, Springfield, MO

Client: Bark Yard
IOS Location: IOS Springfield, IOS Kansas City-Olathe
Name of Project: Bark Yard Dog Resort and Bar Patio Area Openings

Dog lovers in Springfield, Missouri have a new destination for letting their canine pals run and play. Bark Yard is a unique dog park that offers a bar patio for dog owners, dog boarding services, as well as a doggie daycare.

With its multiple fenced-off play areas for dogs of all sizes, bar patio, grooming services, and more, Bark Yard offers a mix of top-notch amenities for two-legged and four-legged guests. Their building and space is built to accommodate any dog walker, meaning their pathways and openings needed to be designed and implemented with our canine companions in mind.

For this dog resort and attached patio area, Integrated Openings Solutions was trusted with supplying and installing all metal frames and doors, wood doors, and hardware. All told, IOS provided over 20 openings for the facility, all chosen and installed with Bark Yard’s unique clientele in mind. IOS worked with construction partners Construct and GC on this project.

The teams at IOS Springfield and IOS Kansas City-Olathe are proud of this project and the amazing services Bark Yard is able to provide its guests. Bark Yard is ready to go with safe, reliable openings from IOS and plans to begin operations in spring of 2021.

Scenic dog park
Scenic dog park