Automatic Glass Sliding Doors for Retail Walk-in Cooler

Automatic sliding doors are perfect for walk-in coolers in retail settings and offer numerous benefits. They enhance energy efficiency by maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing air exchange, which lowers energy costs. Their hands-free operation and smooth traffic flow improve convenience and accessibility for both employees and customers.

Additionally, these doors promote hygiene by minimizing contact and exposure to external elements, crucial for food safety. They optimize space, comply with health and safety regulations, and feature modern, customizable designs that enhance the store’s aesthetic.

A Premiere Retailer Prioritizes its Guests and Energy Efficiency

An automatic glass sliding door can offer a range of benefits for retail walk-in cooler applications. Total Wine & More in Lee’s Summit, Missouri can now enjoy those benefits thanks to installation services from IOS Kansas City.

Total Wine & More is a retailer that serves a wide range of customers. The new Horton automatic glass sliding doors enhance accessibility, energy efficiency, and operational convenience for all who access the walk-in cooler. This project involved integrating cutting-edge automation technology with high-quality materials to ensure reliable performance and aesthetic appeal.