Aston Martin Residences

Aston Martin Residences – Miami, FL

Name of the Project: Aston Martin Residences

Client: Coastal Construction

IOS Location: IOS Fort Lauderdale


Construction on the Aston Martin Residences began October of 2019 and is scheduled to complete in the fourth quarter of 2022.


This ambitious luxury condo is located near the waterfront in downtown Miami. With its design inspired by Aston Martin’s own vehicles, It features several luxury amenities including a superyacht marina, 24-hr valet service, an art gallery, fitness center, movie theaters and a gorgeous infinity pool on the 55th floor.

The team at IOS Fort Lauderdale has been tasked with providing openings and access control capabilities that fit the building’s premium quality standards.

From the outside, the Aston Martin Residences are a beautiful addition to the Miami skyline, towering above its neighboring buildings. On the inside, beauty, luxury, comfort, and security are the rule. Integrated Openings Solutions worked with Revuelta Architecture International to ensure architectural doors, windows, and hardware fit the unique, luxury aesthetic residents would expect.

To complete this project, Integrated Openings Solutions is employing a wide range of its own capabilities through the expertise of our IOS Fort Lauderdale team. Capabilities used in this project include hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, pre-hung doors, and finish hardware.

Integrated Openings Solutions is proud to play a vital role in the completion of this extraordinary project.

Aston Martin Tower, IOS provided access control, hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, pre-hung doors, and finish hardware.