Washroom Accessories

You can rely on Integrated Openings Solutions for more than just openings. One way we go beyond openings is our ability to provide washroom accessories for any kind of building. Through IOS, you have access to a broad selection of commercial washroom accessories, materials and vendor options.

With access to industry-leading manufacturers in every corner of the washroom accessory market, our expert staff will inform you of your options and work with you to make sure all your washroom or bathroom accessory needs are met. Whether or not IOS is providing you other products and services for your build, we’ll put together a package deal that will get you the best price available without sacrificing quality.

We also offer complete installation services. That means we can handle installation for you, thanks to our team of experienced installers. If you want to handle installation yourself, IOS can provide training to you or your staff. And no matter the manufacturer, we’ll make sure that you have all the information, material, and training you need for accessory maintenance

Our installers and technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to help keep your building up to code. Count on Integrated Openings Solutions to be your expert resource for project planning and implementation.

IOS offers a wide range of services and capabilities to any project. These options are provided to your project at the highest level, saving you time, money, and frustration in the process. We’ve installed washroom accessories in all kinds of commercial buildings including, but not limited to offices, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, restaurants, airports, and healthcare facilities.

We provide a large selection of washroom accessories and partitions to suit your building requirements, including division 10 products for schools and institutional specialties. Read more about our capabilities to see how Integrated Openings Solutions can help you replace aging equipment or bring your bathroom ideas to life.

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