IFDIA and AAADM Field Inspections

Fire-rated doors are an incredibly important safety tool in modern construction. They help resist the spread of fires, and for many larger buildings, including healthcare facilities, fire-rated doors are required by law. 

In addition to providing fire-rated doors, Integrated Openings Solutions can facilitate inspections to ensure your doors are safe and up to code. Our installers are all IFDIA* certified to inspect fire-rated doors, including swinging doors. 

Our safety inspections are thorough and our process is streamlined. Examining your building’s Life Safety Prints, we’ll determine which openings need to be inspected and what their fire rating should be. We make sure everything is working correctly, check for proper labeling, gap widths, and check the fire rating of all your door hardware. Then, we create a detailed inspection report in print and digitally.

Because our installers are IFDIA certified to perform these inspections, we can provide a quote for whatever repairs or replacements are needed to keep your building safe and compliant with NFPA 80 standards. We simplify this process for you, and draw upon an extensive list of material and hardware suppliers to get you the best products in a timely and cost effective manner.

If your facility is in need of fire-rated doors, inspections, repairs, or replacements, Integrated Openings Solutions can take care of everything for you. But that’s not all.

IOS also offers AAADM** field inspections for automatic doors. Proper functioning and safety of automatic doors is key to reaping the benefits of this technology. In addition to being trained in fire-rated door standards, our installers are ready and able to inspect your automatic doors.

*IFDA – International Fire Door Inspector Association

**AAADM – American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

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