Architectural Door Hardware

The choices available for door hardware can be overwhelming to anyone looking to replace or improve doors in their building. Integrated Openings Solutions (IOS) removes uncertainty by offering unmatched expertise to guide you through your door hardware options.

We supply architectural and commercial grade hardware for any project, from small residential structures and restaurants to school facilities and office buildings. Our knowledgeable in-house project managers, estimators and detailers are equipped to provide the right hardware for every type of opening, from basic locksets to complex electronic or touchless systems.

IOS sources our hardware from the best in class manufacturers in the industry.  We carry an extensive inventory with multiple warehouses and modification capabilities to provide custom solutions for our customers. If you have a problem that can be solved with new hardware solutions, but don’t know where to start, contact Integrated Openings Solutions so we can help you better understand your options and design a hardware plan that will meet your needs.

The IOS team has decades of experience providing excellent service and products to contractors and building owners of all kinds.

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