IOS Over the Years

Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC (IOS) can be traced back to two long-established companies founded by highly entreprenueurial individuals who discovered the need to provide high-quality services in the door industry to local markets. Our legacy companies are Duranotic Door, founded in 1989 in Kansas City, KS, and St. Louis, MO (now IOS Kansas City, IOS St. Louis), and Cardinal Door and Hardware, established 1995 in Tampa Bay, FL (IOS Tampa). The two entrepreneurs’ focus was primarily on building great relationships while integrating new products and services for their customers. This desire of wanting to build relationships with our customers is what still drives us today.

Starting in 2018, the legacy companies continued to operate under the name Integrated Openings Solutions, LLC as IOS Kansas City, IOS St. Louis, and IOS Tampa. IOS subsequently opening in Pampano Beach, FL (IOS Fort Lauderdale), Madison, AL (IOS Huntsville) and Naples, FL (IOS Napes). By adding IOS locations, we still want to integrate as many features as possible to make life easier for our customers. Our talented team is able to apply a variety of skills to different project types such as: building, fixing, and upgrading commercial structures. We are excited to work with customers who trust us to take their openings solutions into the future.